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Gathering your data...

Please be patient. This process can take several minutes if you have many years worth of course and round data in Fore Score.

I recently had to take Fore Score Golf Stats down for emergency maintenance. There were problems with the code base that were causing server issues. Unfortunately, after reviewing the situation, I don't have the time available to correct the problems in the right away.

There were only a handful of users still active on the site when it went down. Since activity is at an all-time low I'm going to close down Fore Score Golf Stats for good. If you want to export your data from Fore Score Golf Stats please log in with your account information:

Fore Score was built in the spring of 2007. I want to thank everyone who supported me with premium accounts and were still using the site to record their golf game up until the very end. Here are the final numbers in terms of users, courses and rounds recorded:







Thank you again for using Fore Score. If you have any issues exporting your data please do not hesitate to reach out via email:

Brian J. Link

Owner, Link Software LLC