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Fore Score Golf Stats is a web-based application for keeping track of your golf game.


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Fore Score Golf Stats has something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced golfer looking to establish a handicap to use for league play or a novice looking to track your progress and set benchmarks for improvement, you'll find the tools you need at Fore Score Golf Stats.

We'll start by showing you how easy it is to enter course and round information. Then we'll move on to all the cool stuff you can do with your scoring results after you've entered them. After you've read through some of the features of Fore Score Golf Stats, register for a free account and try the site out with your own scores.

Getting Started

New Course

Getting started is a snap. Click on 'Course' and select 'New Course' to bring up a blank course page. You'll need to enter the course name and information on each hole (par, yardage and hole handicap). If you plan on tracking your personal handicap you'll need to enter the course index and the slope index (you can find this information on your scorecard).

You'll only need to enter each course once. Fore Score Golf Stats will save your course information so you don't have to re-enter it each time you submit a new score.

Entering Your Scores

New Round

When you have your course information entered you can start to submit your scores. Click on 'Round' and select 'New Round.' Pick the course you just played from your list of entered courses and you'll be ready to enter your round information.

You can enter your scores, number of putts, number of "duffs", number of hazards and whether or not you hit the fairway on your drive. Fore Score Golf Stats will use the information that you provide to offer up dozens of statistics based on your scores.

Personal Statistics

Personal Bests

With Fore Score Golf Stats you can get the best statistical breakdown of your game anywhere online. After you have a few rounds entered in the fun really begins. Fore Score Golf Stats tracks a bevy of statistics including:

One of the coolest features of Fore Score Golf Stats is the 'Personal Bests' stat page. 'Personal Bests' tracks your top five scores in a variety of statistical categories, giving you goals to shoot for when you're out on the course. These stats update in real-time as you enter each of your scores.

Custom Scorecards


Finally, one of our favorite Fore Score Golf Stats tools are the customized scorecards. Before you head out to play a round you can stop in to Fore Score Golf Stats and print out a compact scorecard that includes a synopsis of your hole-by-hole statistics for any course.

The customized scorecard provides all the relevant data that you'll need to assess your statistical tendencies when you're playing each hole. Like a normal scorecard there are even blank spots for you to fill in while you play to help you track your round.

You'll never hit your favorite course again without printing out your customized scorecard. It completely changes your golfing experience.